Answering your questions about hardwood flooring and moisture

Answering your questions about hardwood flooring and moisture

Moisture issues often prevent homeowners from seriously considering hardwood floors for their remodeling. The truth is water damage can mean total replacement of your flooring, especially if the damage is far-reaching.

The good news is you don’t have to avoid hardwood flooring, even with moisture and humidity worries. If you have concerns about this topic and how you could manage the moisture in your home, here are some facts to know before shopping.

Some areas of genuine concern

Solid wood isn't a perfect fit for every room in your home, so you'll have to discuss all your hardwood flooring needs before shopping. For instance, in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, it’s important to choose a floor covering, such as engineered wood flooring, that will best cater to these damp, humid areas.

Areas with high humidity

Some places have naturally high humidity levels, especially on rainy days, so addressing the need before damage can ensue is crucial. The first step for hardwood floors is to ensure they're properly acclimated before installation, which can take about three days.

Prevent moisture damage

Prevention is much easier than total flooring replacement and includes dealing with spills and messes on your hardwood flooring as soon as they happen, if possible. Use mats or area rugs, check interior humidity levels, and maintain a regular cleaning schedule for the best results in every space.

How to tell if you have moisture damage

Some signs of moisture damage are easy to see, including cupping, buckling, and crowning. But you might also see stains or mold or experience a damp, musty odor in damp areas.

Proper moisture prevention and maintenance allow you to enjoy all the warmth and timeless visual appeal these floors were meant to provide. Hardwood floors offer one of the longest lifespans in the flooring industry, and there's no reason you can't experience the highest level of satisfaction, so speak with an associate today.

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