Steam cleaning luxury vinyl flooring: Yes or no?

Steam cleaning luxury vinyl flooring: Yes or no?

Luxury vinyl flooring has numerous characteristics and benefits, especially concerning maintenance and care. We're often asked about steam cleaning and whether it's a valuable way to clean these floors.

We, and many manufacturers of luxury vinyl, advise against using a steam cleaner of any kind for this flooring type. However, here are some facts to help you understand why and plan a different method for your new floors.

Steam cleaning isn’t for luxury vinyl flooring

There’s a good reason why manufacturers recommend that you not steam clean your LVP and LVT flooring in Bellefontaine, OH. While these floors are completely water-resistant, they cannot handle a steam cleaner's excessive heat and force.

Most luxury vinyl flooring is rated to withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, while residential steam cleaners average about 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, that means your luxury vinyl cannot resist the heat from these cleaners, especially for long periods.

LVP and LVT flooring is created with 300 to 500 psi of pressure, well below the 30-50 psi from steam cleaners. However, vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring cannot handle the hot water that comes with the stress.

We’ll give you even more details when you visit our showroom. We can help you choose the perfect cleaning methods and tools for your flooring.

Your experts on luxury vinyl flooring

At Fissel Floor Covering, we've been a family-owned and operated flooring store since 1972, with an extensive assortment of products and services. One of those services offers the information you need to care for your new flooring for any remodeling size.

You can visit our luxury vinyl flooring showroom in Bellefontaine, OH, to learn everything you need to know about these materials before buying. We serve Logan, Champaign, and Hardin counties, and we're ready to work for you, too, so stop by today.

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