Does it matter whether I choose porcelain or ceramic tile flooring?

Does it matter whether I choose porcelain or ceramic tile flooring?

Tile flooring can be the perfect product for every room in your home, based on your requirements and preferences for each space. They offer stunning visuals and outstanding durability, but does it matter whether you choose porcelain or ceramic tile flooring?

Tile flooring options should cater to your needs

Porcelain and ceramic are both made of clay, with sand and other materials added in, but porcelain is denser, more resistant to heat and stains, and has the same color throughout the body of the material. Because of this color opportunity, you may even hear of porcelain products called "through-body" tiles.

Ceramic tile is lighter, softer, and more susceptible to discoloration, especially over time, and usually features a glazed surface coating that doesn't often match the interior of the piece. It's also more vulnerable to moisture penetration, making it a better choice for areas with minimal dampness, spills, and humidity.

For your household needs, it's essential to know that porcelain tile is a better choice for bathrooms and kitchens and can withstand drastic temperature changes without cracking. For homeowners needing the best budget options, ceramic is a great choice, offering benefits in porcelain tiles, such as an excellent range of colors and styles.

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